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Air Over Hydraulic Pro Lifting Jack




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Air Over Hydraulic Pro Lifting Jack

  • With the use of this professional jack system, raising and lowering your car becomes a simple task. After the car has been lifted and the safeties are in place, you have a solid supported work station, much like supporting the car with individual jack stands. Our E-Z to use Race Jacks System will slide under the lowest of chassis needing just under 3” of ride height. We have an optional one-way adjustable flow control valve that makes it possible to lower the car at a desired rate. The system utilizes an air-over-hydraulic pump, heavy duty hoses and couplings on both ends. The lifting height is 19” and is capable of lifting up to 3400 LBS. The Race Jacks come with standard frame lifting tabs for the front and rear. Other style tabs are available at an additional cost. Extension push bar is available. All our Jacks come powder coated at no extra cost. Frame rail center to center width and the weight of the car is required when ordering. Race Jacks are custom designed for each individual car and are therefor a non-returnable item. Race Jack are in stock and can ship within 1-2 days depending on time of order and options. FREE SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED. PLEASE CALL FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE!

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